Our story

Mirkuz is an association established in 2023 by a group of like minded individuals from backgrounds in different fields, ranging from Doctors to entrepreneurs, with the same goal of helping people.

In 2022/2014 Yeshewalul Tesema, father to two of our team members, was diagnosed with late stage pancreatic cancer. It is a difficult enough time watching someone you love declining at the speed most cancer patients do but the hopelessness that comes from not knowing how to help them makes it so much harder. Thanks to Yeshewalul’s family’s familiarity with the disease and the hours’ worth of research done on their part, they did not struggle much. But that was when Meron saw the gap; the lack of information there is concerning cancer and how to take care of patients with cancer in the Ethiopian community. Hoping to make it easier on others unfortunate to find themselves in the position of needing it, she began to conceptualize Mirkuz; a place where people can come to learn about cancer and end of life care, what it does to the patient and what a family/friend caregiver is expected to do when taking care of a patient. With the help of interested individuals Mirkuz was brought to life.

In memory of the late Yeshewalul Tesema: beloved father, husband and friend from 1943 - 2014 E.C

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