Hospice Care

Hospice care is a type of health care that focuses on the palliation of a terminally ill patient's pain and symptoms and attending to their emotional and spiritual needs at the end of life. Hospice care prioritizes comfort and quality of life by reducing pain and suffering. Hospice care provides an alternative to therapies focused on life-prolonging measures that may be arduous, likely to cause more symptoms, or are not aligned with a person's goals.
Hospice care provides compassionate care for people in the last phases of incurable disease so that they may live out their remaining time as fully and comfortably as possible. The hospice philosophy accepts death as the final stage of life: it affirms life, but does not try to hasten or postpone

Routine home care

Family and/or loved ones care for those in need at home, and receives regular visits from hospice care providers.

Continuous home care

one receive more intensives, short-term support at home to manage a symptom crisis. This care is for people who qualify for GIP and wish to remain at home.

General inpatient (GIP) care

A person receives hospice care in a facility because they have pain or other symptoms that can’t be managed at home.

Respite care

A person receives short-term temporary hospice care in a facility to give their caregivers a rest.

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